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Birch Training Institute

The Birch Training Institute has been offering, since 1972, professional staff development, program consultation and training, and general education to groups or individuals seeking to expand their expertise and capacity to provide services to children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and related development disabilities.

The principal goal of the Birch Training Institute (BTI) is to train professionals to utilize best practices to support people with disabilities of all ages to realize their full potential.

Those who have participated in BTI training appreciate Birch’s turnkey approach to learning and the helpful information provided. Administrators particularly appreciate the cost-effectiveness of quick, in-depth and hands-on learning that allow their staff to easily implement effective methods immediately following training.

BTI staff have developed specialized training specific to the needs of the customer. While most training is done on-site, when large numbers of staff require training, or if follow-up training is needed to help staff utilize new tools and information, BTI can arrange off-site training and follow-up.

Remote Learning

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Birch Family Services will be offering NYS Mandated Training live via Zoom Meetings. Please note the offerings below and see the Training Schedule to register for these courses. If you have any questions please call 212-616-1858 or email us.

Classroom Training

Birch classrooms in Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn serve as training sites for individuals, families, school districts, and community agencies affected by ASD or other related developmental disabilities.

Consultation Services

Birch provides a range of onsite consultation services to school districts and other service providers in areas of individual consultation, program design, training, problem solving and professional development.

Autism Methodology

Birch Autism Training is primarily based on methods from Structuring the Education of Students With Autism Spectrum Disorder. This incorporates structured teaching, individualized instruction, and a focus on communication and socialization.

Birch Training Institute provides educational and behavioral training and consultative support and guidance designed to address the unique learning, social, emotional, and behavioral needs of children and individuals with ASD and related disabilities.

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